There’s a massive opioid crisis happening in the United States, but alcohol is still a major issue in our country. Many people struggle with alcohol addiction, but they don’t know they have a problem. Since alcohol is such a widely used substance, and it’s legal, people believe they don’t have an addiction. In reality, many people need the help of an alcohol addiction treatment center because they lost the ability to control their drinking.

Do You Need an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center?

alcohol addiction treatment center gateway foundation smyrnaIt’s challenging to know you need the help of an alcohol addiction treatment center because of how addiction works. Addiction causes you to justify your drinking because the survival part of your brain has been hijacked. It’s true that people drink as a social lubricant or to unwind after a long day, but for some people, it’s something else. Those who have a problem with alcoholism have difficulties that the average drinker doesn’t have.

  • Some of the signs of alcoholism include the following:
  • It’s difficult or impossible to control your number of drinks
  • Friends and family have commented on how much you drink
  • You obsess about where the next drink is coming from
  • Your problems can be traced back to drinking
  • You experience symptoms of withdrawal when you don’t drink

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that if you’re still working and paying your bills, you don’t have a problem. This is why it’s so important to look at the other signs of alcohol addiction and how drinking is affecting your life. Although you may seem functioning to many people, your personal relationships are paying the price. If you realize that you have an addiction to alcohol, treatment is the best way to regain control of your life.

Therapy At an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

A significant part of addiction treatment is going through individual therapy to get down to the root of your issues. Alcohol is only a symptom of your problem, which is why you need to discover the causes of your drinking. Working with a qualified addiction therapist at a mens residential treatment center helps you figure out why you turn to alcohol. Individual therapy offers you a space to be open about what you’re going through and work on discovering new solutions to life.

Group therapy is another crucial part of the alcohol addiction treatment center program. It’s important to know that you’re not alone when you’re struggling with the disease of addiction. Being in a group with other men will help you realize that you have support and others know exactly how you feel. During the roughest days, your support group is going to be there for you to help you with your long-term recovery.

Medications in an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Gateway Foundation is an all-male addiction treatment center, and we specialize in medication-assisted treatment. Alcohol can take a toll on your body as well as your mind, and using medications can help you recover faster. Whether you’re struggling with extended symptoms of withdrawal or cravings, medication-assisted treatment can help. We’re fully qualified to provide you with the medical attention you need to make you comfortable and decrease the chances of relapse.

Here at Gateway Foundation, we provide an alcohol addiction treatment center for people in Smyrna, DE, and the surrounding areas. Not only do we have a residential program, but we also offer an intensive outpatient program as well as outpatient programming. Some of the therapies we use here to help you recover include the following:

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