Men are less likely than women to seek out substance abuse treatment or admit to mental health conditions.

If you’re looking for professional addiction rehab, keep in mind that all substance abuse treatment programs are not equal. Some mens treatment programs offer generalized help, while others provide users with personalized care that targets their unique recovery needs. If you’re serious about getting clean and maintaining a sober lifestyle, you need nothing less than high-quality treatment. Fortunately, the comprehensive care that you need and deserve from rehab is available at Gateway Foundation Smyrna.

Qualities of the Best Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

The specifics of your recovery needs depend on the past experiences you’ve had with addiction. Also, these experiences will determine the programs and therapies included in your substance abuse treatment programs.

If you’re a long-time user, detox overseen by professionals in a medical setting could be extremely beneficial to your recovery journey. When you stop abusing the drug that you’re addicted to, you’ll likely begin experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are usually not life-threatening, but they can become quite intense.

Supervised detox is the safest and most effective method for getting through the withdrawal phase of recovery. Detox specialists can be available 24/7 to monitor your progress and help ease the discomfort of your symptoms. They’ll also be on standby in the event of any rare but possible complication. Keep in mind that detox is not offered as part of all substance abuse treatment programs. However, any quality rehab center should be able to provide detox referrals, at a minimum.

Why is Trauma Therapy Necessary?

Trauma Therapy helps uncover the root causes of addiction or mental health conditions. Often, people suffer from the effects of trauma without realizing their cause.

Individualized Care

If you use substance abuse as a coping method or to escape an unpleasant reality, you may need extensive therapy with an experienced psychologist. Even if past trauma doesn’t fuel your abusive behavior, therapy can provide you with many helpful tools for avoiding future addiction triggers and preventing relapse. Therapy can also help you adopt a healthier mindset and develop positive life skills to help with maintaining lifelong sobriety.

One more quality of the best mens substance abuse treatment programs is the use of individualized patient care. If you had cancer, would you expect your treatment to be identical to every other cancer patients’ treatment? The answer is No. It is the same when it comes to treating substance addiction. If you expect to achieve real results, you need treatment that has been customized to target your unique needs, based on your history with addiction. Otherwise, you’ll stay at chronic risk for future relapse, withdrawal, overdose, and possibly even accidental death.

Individualized substance abuse treatment programs look different for every person who enters rehab. Depending on your needs, your treatment plan could include therapies like Dual Diagnosis, Trauma Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Likewise, it could include services like comprehensive medical care, holistic therapies, and extended care.

Our Smyrna Rehab Offers the Individualized Treatment You Need to Conquer Addiction

Don’t settle for average rehab based on location, price, or attractiveness. Gateway Foundation in Smyrna, DE, offers unique and customized mens substance abuse treatment programs that can help you get sober. If you choose us for your treatment, we will treat you with respect and compassion while guiding you towards healthier life decisions.

Regardless of your exact needs, the professionals at Gateway Foundation Smyrna can design ideal substance abuse treatment programs just for you. You won’t have to worry if your health and future are in good hands. We will take every measure possible to ensure you have a safe, comfortable, and successful rehab experience.

As part of our mens substance abuse treatment programs, we offer therapies and services like:

In 2015, 20% of high school students reported having their first drink of alcohol before age 13.
Most Common Substances Used by Individuals Under the Age of 18

1 Alcohol

2 Marijuana

3 Inhalants

4 Cocaine

5 Prescription painkillers

Factors That Affect a Person’s Risk for Substance Addiction

  • Genetics
  • Gender
  • Stress
  • Mental health disorders
  • Family history
  • Brain chemistry

Your Rehabilitation Can Begin Today

Don’t wait days, weeks, or months to seek help for addiction. The programs at Gateway Foundation Smyrna in Smyrna, DE, can help you transition into a new life of sobriety and independence. Please call our non-profit drug and alcohol addiction center at 302.653.3923 to learn more about this incredible opportunity.

If you need addiction treatment for men on the East Coast, then Gateway Smyrna can help. Contact us today for more information.