A vibrant alumni program is an essential aspect of relapse prevention. Because Gateway Foundation Smyrna therapists realize that men have a particularly difficult time receiving help, they encourage peer support. Most importantly, they help clients build a solid foundation for lifelong sobriety. Here’s how it works.

Residential Treatment Begins Recovery

alumni program gateway foundation smyrnaBefore joining the mens addiction recovery community, you work with therapists to regain control over your life. To do so, you undergo a broad range of treatments that help you overcome psychological dependency on a drug. Examples include:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as a way to define reachable goals and benchmarks
  • Family Therapy, which encourages you to reach out to loved ones and reconnect while rebuilding trust
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment that helps with underlying co-occurring conditions such as depression or anxiety
  • Trauma treatment, which focuses on managing disturbing emotions and unwelcome thoughts
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that let you swap out dysfunctional patterns with healthy coping skills

As you go through these treatments, you address the reasons for substance abuse in your life. Similarly, you learn about yourself, your need for healthy coping strategies, and define goals for personal growth. An alumni program continues the process. Remember that rehab is only one step on the road to recovery.

Relapse Prevention Takes Time, Community Involvement, and Effort

There will be times when you feel the tug of temptation. Maybe the job doesn’t go the way you want it to. There might be relationship problems. Besides that, you meet up with old peers who’re using.

You might think about rationalizing that using again just one time isn’t a big deal. Similarly, feelings of boredom can heighten thoughts of giving in to temptation. However, you know that using again isn’t harmless. Rather, it could once again lead to full-fledged chemical dependency.

Alumni Program Participation Strengthens Your Resolve to Remain Sober

Participation in an alumni program isn’t a short-term effort. Instead, it takes place throughout your lifetime. Connecting with peers who’re also in recovery adds a human component to the curriculum you underwent. These peers are the support network that offers accountability, encouragement, and challenges.

Members of the alumni group meet at various times. Once you graduate from the rehab program at Gateway Foundation Smyrna, you become a member. The meetings are fun and upbeat. Most importantly, there are other opportunities for connecting with peers as well.

For example, recovery groups meet to provide hands-on support. There you can talk about challenges and temptations. You learn from others as they battle to maintain sobriety. Community-based 12 Step meetings are another avenue of receiving peer assistance.

By the way, participation in the alumni program can be instrumental in helping you regain your footing after relapse. Remember that stumbling doesn’t mean you failed. It merely says that there’s room for additional coping skills development and implementation. Being in contact with others is critical for standing up again after a temporary hiccup.

Reaching out for Help Doesn’t Have to Feel Awkward

Men, in particular, have a difficult time asking for help. Society conditions them to be strong and bear up under pressure. Therefore, they’ll rather suffer than admit that they can’t handle the problems any longer. However, Gateway Foundation Smyrna therapists know exactly what you’re struggling with.

You don’t have to feel that you’re weak because you’re asking for help. In fact, members of the alumni program know that working on recovery is a courageous step. It takes commitment and a strong will to go against what you’ve done in the past. Take your first brave step today by contacting Gateway Foundation Smyrna at 302.653.3923.