If you’ve been struggling to break free of a substance use disorder, there is help available in Smyrna, DE. You don’t have to continue to sit idly by while addiction threatens to destroy everything you love most in your life. Professional treatment can help you to get sober and start repairing the damage that your abuse has caused. A treatment center like Gateway Foundation can be the stepping stone between addiction and recovery.

You’re Not Alone

substance use disorder gateway foundation smyrnaAddiction is a common problem among members of today’s modern society. More than 23.5 million U.S. residents suffer from some sort of substance use disorder. Sadly, only a small portion of these individuals will actively seek the help that they need. Many of the others will continue to abuse until a great consequence or tragedy strikes.

If you meet the criteria for needing substance use disorder treatment, don’t ignore the help that is readily available. Treatment at a center like Gateway Foundation in Smyrna, DE, could help you get sober and start developing a healthier lifestyle. Over time, you can learn how to walk away from the abuse and to avoid potential addiction triggers. This will help you to prevent relapse in the future.

How Substance Use Disorder Treatment Can Help

To successfully conquer addiction, you need the services and resources that only the best treatment centers can provide. Services like Detox, Addiction Counseling, and Personalized Treatment are some of the therapies you might undergo if you choose to enter into rehab. The rest of your time in rehab will be spent working on your personal growth and the healing of your physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.

Detox is especially helpful for individuals who have been abusing for a long period of time. While toxins filter out of the body, users typically go through a phase marked by uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. While these symptoms are not usually life-threatening, they can be intense and difficult to bear without assistance.

Rehab specialists can walk you through a safe and fully supervised detox phase, prior to beginning treatment. Then you can begin your treatment plan with a clear head and sharper focus. This should set you up for better results and reduced risk of relapse.

Counseling with an experienced psychologist offers the chance to identify and address any personal problems or past traumas that feed your addictive behaviors. If you don’t work through these issues, you’re likely to return to abusing once you leave the safety of the treatment center. To minimize your risk for repeated relapses, choose substance use disorder treatment that includes extensive therapy opportunities.

Personalized treatment refers merely to treatment that can be altered according to each person’s specific recovery needs. It produces better results than traditional styles of treatment, which typically use generalized practices. Instead, personalized treatment focuses on each person’s unique needs and weaknesses to lead to more complete and lasting results.

The Help You Need Can Be Found in Smyrna, Delaware

For substance use disorder treatment you can count on, look to Gateway Foundation in Smyrna, DE. You don’t have to travel far to benefit from some of the highest rated treatment options in the state. It doesn’t matter what substance you’ve been abusing or for how long. We offer treatment programs that can help get you back on your feet and headed towards a lifetime of lasting sobriety.

Just some of the therapies and services we offer include:

Don’t wait to seek quality treatment and begin working towards a drastic lifestyle change during your time at Gateway Foundation in Smyrna, DE. Finally, to learn more about our treatment opportunities, call us at 302.653.3923.