Nearly 40% of college-aged men reported abusing marijuana.

During addiction treatment, there are many different treatment modalities that men will undergo as part of their treatment regimen. Some of the most important parts of their treatment will occur in addiction therapy services. From understanding themselves to connecting with others, addiction therapy services provide a basis for growth and recovery.

What Are Addiction Therapy Services?

Addiction therapy services are an array of therapy programs that specifically help clients understand addiction. These therapies address a client’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors when it comes to addiction, helping them understand the roots of their problems so they can treat them.

Addiction therapy services can include a range of programs, including:

For individuals with underlying mental health disorders, addiction therapy services can also help uncover these conditions. By identifying underlying mental illnesses, addiction treatment specialists can better target a client’s treatment regimen to address his specific needs.

What Happens in Family Therapy?

In Family Therapy, the client and their loved ones sit down and discuss their feelings about any strain or tension. The therapist acts as a moderator, so everyone feels heard and has the chance to say their piece.

Understanding Yourself and Your Addiction

In individual therapy services, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, clients have the opportunity to learn a lot about themselves and their addictions. In these one-on-one sessions, clients work directly with a therapist to talk about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The client and therapist build a relationship where they can speak openly about how the client is feeling and develop solutions for overcoming addiction.

Furthermore, if a client learns they have an underlying mental health disorder, their therapist will guide them through therapies to understand that, as well. The therapist will also help them develop coping mechanisms and teach them how to continue treating their mental health condition once treatment ends.

Men experience a greater release of dopamine than women when consuming alcohol.

Connecting with Others

In addiction therapy services, you will also learn how to work and connect with others. Addiction can damage relationships and make it difficult for you to trust others. In group and family therapy sessions, you’ll learn to build bonds with others or repair damaged ones.

Family members may have a hard time understanding your experience. Family counseling sessions help educate family members on how and why addiction happens, as well as facilitate conversations between you and your loved ones. Over time, the hope is that your family will understand your condition and learn to function as a support system for you during recovery.

Furthermore, in a mens drug rehab, you’ll have a comfortable environment where you can express yourself among your peers. The other men in these therapy programs understand what you’re going through, making it easier to connect and grow in these sessions.

Benefits of Group Therapy

1 Building relationships with peers

2 Learning from the experiences of others

3 Understanding how to talk about problems with others

4 Developing a support network that will last after recovery

Men are more likely to pursue treatment when presented with ultimatums of:

  • Jail time as part of a drug court sentence
  • Termination from place of employment
  • Expulsion from university
  • Divorce
  • Loss of custody of children

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