Men are more likely to struggle with substance use disorder when compared to women.

Individuals on the east coast who struggle with substance addiction don’t have to look far to find treatment. Gateway Foundation Smyrna, just outside of Dover, offers comprehensive men’s addiction treatment programs for individuals in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and other nearby states. Furthermore, learning more about Gateway Foundation Smyrna reveals how this easily-accessible rehab facility provides high-quality treatment programs that can develop into lasting sobriety.

About Gateway Foundation

Gateway Foundation is an extensive network of addiction treatment facilities across the United States that provides addiction treatment and support to over one million patients. With over fifty years of experience, Gateway Foundation continues to help thousands of individuals begin a life of healing and recovery every year. For men on the east coast, their journeys can start by learning about Gateway Foundation Smyrna.

Gateway Foundation Smyrna is a men’s addiction rehab facility located on the campus of The Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill. The facility offers easy access to those in nearby counties via Route 1 and Route 13. This convenient location also makes it the perfect choice for many men who are looking to begin their recovery journeys.

What are Co-Occurring Disorders?

When an individual has co-occurring disorders, they struggle with both a substance addiction and a mental health disorder simultaneously.

Benefits of Men’s Addiction Treatment

Beginning the recovery journey can be a difficult first step. Without feeling confident, safe, and secure, men may find it challenging to begin treatment, let alone stay on the path to recovery. However, Gateway Foundation Smyrna offers a peaceful and supportive healing environment where men can feel comfortable to begin working toward sobriety.

Addiction is a complex disease that affects a man’s physical and mental health. Many individuals struggling with addiction may find it hard to connect with others, especially if substance abuse damaged their relationships with loved ones or caused them significant trauma. In these situations, men may feel anxious, apprehensive, or uncomfortable to share their experiences with others.

However, the supportive atmosphere of a men’s addiction treatment center can help men in these situations. At Gateway Foundation Smyrna, men will feel comfortable knowing that others in the program understand them. It’s likely that others in the program share many of the same experiences and feelings that they do. This way, they can open up while knowing that others will listen to their stories without judgment.

Men’s Treatment Programs and Services in Smyrna

Learning about Gateway Foundation Smyrna involves discovering our array of evidence-based addiction treatment programs. When you learn about Gateway Foundation Smyrna, you’ll also learn about addiction therapy services that focus on healing the whole person. Some of these treatments and therapies include:

Through a combination of these programs, men at Gateway Foundation Smyrna learn how to identify triggers. By doing so, clients also learn how to overcome addiction and prevent relapse. Additionally, our supportive recovery community gives patients access to a dedicated support system comprised of Gateway Foundation alumni.

Nearly 10% of men in the United States struggle with a substance use disorder.
Most common illicit substances used by men

1 Heroin

2 Alcohol


4 Marijuana

Signs of Addiction

  • Wanting to stop using but being unable to
  • Having cravings
  • Needing more of the substance for the effects
  • Continuing to use substances despite the problems it causes

Begin Recovery by Learning About Gateway Foundation Smyrna

At Gateway Foundation Smyrna, recovery begins by reaching out for help. Our facility provides a rehab haven for men on the east coast who need to get away from the triggers and stressors of their daily lives while they undergo treatment. If you or someone you love needs high-quality addiction treatment, then reach out today.

Finally, to learn more about Gateway Foundation Smyrna, call us at 302.653.3923. Your healing journey can begin today; you just have to make the call.

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